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Our good health will be change not only as we get older. The pandemia COVID-19 has shown us that every one can get disabled - equal of his age or ethnic background. COVID-19 has shown us also that a health detriment have not be viewable. With this background we collect and list the information of culture and tourism under the aspect of viewable and non-viewable health detriment.

The listing includes well-known signets so that everybody gets first impression of the facility. So everybody who is interesting in culture or tourism can use our offer - also people who have no health detriment.  

The information which are presented here are based by ascertainment and journalistic investigation. Our aim is to present actual information. So in some parts - for example gastronomy - we are delighted getting your assistance. You will find more information about this under the current topic. 

We try also to suggest you to reduce the use of energy at your phone or notebook. Therefore we do not use so much pictures or videos here. You will find these at our instagram account.   

For linking we use different colours. Links written in the colour red leads you to an offer outside of our server. In the green colour you will lead to an offer which is placed at our own server.

We are open for your questions and your suggestions. You will find the information of contact at the imprint and at the head of every site.

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